humans are inherently stupid. born out of darkness hopping right back into different kind of darkness. oblivious to our joyous nature we are propelled to commit missing the target of life at every step we take and corner we turn. there is not one single human I've encountered in these forty plus years that has not expressed utter imbecility. with my imperfect utilities I am falling into the same conclusions of many wise men of yore, that indeed because of the imperfections of our cognitive and experiential utilities we are led astray most of the time, stumbling on lies and falling into the pits of misery of ignorance. and it all turns to mind fuck because if this same conclusion is made with faulty faculties, then what is the right conclusion? lately, very often, cold stare overwhelms me while listening and witnessing human life. it all feels like a gentle breeze which does not move me but sooths me, makes me not want to move or blink. just a sharp stare at what is and what is no words will ever describe for word, even though many believers of biblical stories think, is not source of life but a lie.

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